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It is considered an American professional, training, educational and advisory board that aims to create leaders in all parts of the world and is considered one of the most reliable global professional boards approved by the United States of America.

specializes in the following areas:
1. Human Development
2. media
3. Academic studies
4. Languages
5. Leadership
6. Management
7. Train the trainers
8. Crafts
9. Strategic, operational and personal planning.

10- Where it grants a passing certificate and international professional postgraduate certificates internationally recognized by the United States of America, and the certificate can be attested by the US State Department, the US Department of Justice and the embassy of any country to which the subscriber belongs.

Professional Postgraduate Professors On The Board

The Visit Of The American Board Delegation To Al-Hikma University College

Professional Postgraduate Professors On The Board

The Visit Of The Director Of The American Board To The Director General Of The Planning Department At The Ministry Of Communications

Providing Online Courses


Consulting services

Offering consultation services in all areas of the American Board’s specialization and preparing competent leaders with modern and advanced skills in accordance with the specialized approach of the American global leadership.

American certificates

Granting international American certificates and an international code for the various courses that the American Board specializes in after passing them at the level of excellence.

American accreditation

Granting international American accreditation to institutions and individuals for all specializations that are specific to the American International Board.

US membership ID

Granting of an international American membership identity for professional trainers by the American Board to allow them to practice the profession of coaching all over the world.

Training and rehabilitation

Training and qualifying all managers and cadres of private and governmental companies, organizations and establishments all over the world.

Public official agency

Granting a public and private official power of attorney for those who wish to cooperate and work with the American Board.

منح شهادات

Granting doctoral, master's, bachelor's and international professional diplomas after submitting the thesis and passing the exam of the scientific committee supervising the American Board.

Certificates from the American Board

All certificates issued by the American Board can be attested by the US State Department, the US Department of Justice and the subscriber’s country embassy and arrived by DHL mail.

دورات تدريبة

Holding training courses: leadership - management - TOT at all levels - establishing professional projects - strategic, operational and personal planning - effective negotiation skills - decision-making and the growth of organizations - all human development specialties - all media disciplines - English, French, Turkish, German and Russian).

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